Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions


Long Island Wedding Makeup and Hair with Hair Extensions

I use 18-20 inch extensions(which is the most popular length and will go pretty much down to your butt). They're 100% European remy individual strand by strand human keratin bonded hair extensions. With the right maintenance as prescribed below, and depending on your own hair and how much it sheds, they'll last you about 3-5 months. This means they will need to be taken out around 3-4 months after the day of installation. The maintenance is pretty easy once you get used to it.

You MAY or may not lose some extensions before these 3-5 months. Everyone's hair is different, so if you have extensions fall out before the 3-5 months THIS IS NORMAL. Some people have hair that sheds more than others so there is no way to guarantee none will come out before that time. Within the time your extensions are in, they will grow with your natural hair (similar to the way your nail grows when you have acrylic nails on) and they will either slide out naturally with the natural shedding of your own hair, or if they don't fall out at all they will need to be taken out by me (either way, there's is no damage).

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The strand by strand hair extensions are NOT reusable once they fall out or are taken out. They also don't get "slid up" or "adjusted" like the beaded or other methods. They're individually bonded, not fused, with 100% keratin bonds. there's no beads, metals, aluminum, glues, waxes or adhesives in the bonds so there is NO damage, breakage, or hair loss (as long as they're installed by me, maintained correctly by you, and removed by me).

Ensuring my clients will LOVE their new extensions, I teach you how to keep that hair looking amazing throughout the life of the extensions.



Using quality shampoo and conditioner will help ensure that extensions don’t become dry and dull. You MUST use SULFATE FREE Shampoo & Conditioner. In fact, you should not use anything that sulfates. It can break down the bond faster than wanted and can also strip the color and essential oils from not only the extensions, but your own hair. When using styling products, I always advise to use lightweight products so they do not cause build up on the extensions.


It is important to teach my clients how to brush their extensions properly. Using a “WET BRUSH” soft bristle brush, nylon extension brush or a looper brush with help you detangle their hair without damaging it. Extension hair is similar to natural hair when it comes to brushing and detangling. You should start at the bottom of your hair working the way up to the top. I always suggestion holding the section in one hand and detangling it with the other, it helps so they do not put stress on the hair. Making sure they know to be gentle with their extensions as pulling can create breakage and can run the risk of pulling an extension out with being too rough.



Washing is vital to the upkeep of the hair extensions. As clients sit in my chair, I show them the correct motion they should be using when washing at home so they know how it should feel. In a slow motion, wash the extensions from the top down while gently working the shampoo in, then rinse. Apply the conditioner to the mid shaft of the hair, all the way to then ends, working through the hair to help avoid tangles. Make sure you do not to scrub too hard which could cause matting and/or breakage to their own hair.


Using heat and hot tools is perfectly fine as long as you do not concentrate the heat at the root of their hair where the bond is placed. Remind that they were put in with heat and too much heat can cause them to slip or become sticky. Also make sure the temperature of the hot tool is not too hot, they don’t want to damage the extensions. Basically… Keep Heat away from your bonds.


You CAN wash, blow dry, curl, straighten, brush, and braid your hair. You should be gentle, and always hold the hair by the bonds when pulling or brushing.


You can glaze, and continue with normal root touch ups (single process or partial highlights) while you have extensions. You may deposit color over the extensions with nothing higher than a 20 vol. developer, but you CANNOT lighten/bleach the extensions. They can be worn up in a bun/ponytail without the bonds being visible.


To ensure your extensions do not tangle while you are sleeping I always suggest having them sleep in a low ponytail or a low braid. Also, an important thing you need to remember is, to never go to bed with the extensions wet. It can cause horrible matting to the extensions and your own hair.


Even the finest quality extensions need regular maintenance just like your natural hair would need. I always suggest to my clients to schedule ever 5-6 weeks a trim with the extensions.


This is a separate service and charged $75/ per hour (the removal of your extensions is NOT included in the price of installation).*** The better you maintain your extensions by making sure there's no knots near your regrowth by brushing correctly and making sure the bonds don't harden by using the right shampoo, the less time it takes for the removal and it's lessens the chance of any damage. Please do not attempt to take them out yourself or have someone who doesn't specialize in extensions try to remove them. When you can no longer stand the regrowth, or you've lost enough to where they no longer blend, they will have to be removed.


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